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It is said that few destinations are as intoxicating as Indonesia. An intricate and carefully woven tapestry of culture and traditions, culminating in one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. Made up of over seventeen thousand islands, although it would be impossible to visit them all, capturing Indonesia’s infectious spirit is surprisingly effortless.

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Coral reefs teeming with shoals of tropical fish, paradise beaches, lush rainforests, glistening temples, lush rice paddies and coffee plantations – the backdrop to an eclectic and unique culture. From volcanic Bali and sultry Sumatra to dragon-dwelling Komodo and bustling Java: Indonesia’s islands boast a rich heritage steeped in diverse religion, culture and fundamental way of life.

What ties these all together is a landscape of outstanding natural beauty, where sea-turtles roam in deep blue seas, waterfalls crash into steep rock faces and volcanoes rumble beneath the surface. Thrown into the mix is some of the most welcoming people on earth ready to show off their distinct customs, food and evolving traditions. A mesmerising blend of ancient beliefs, jaw-dropping natural treasures and unique heritage awaits. Indonesia will enthral and hypnotise even the most indifferent traveller.

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