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An intricate and complex mosaic of culture, landscapes and people awaits. China is a land of rice fields, bamboo jungles, vibrant modern metropolises and majestic mountainous peaks. With a long list of oriental treasures on offer – among them the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, the Forbidden Palace and the Yangtze river – China will leave you wanting more.

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Home to the world’s oldest civilisation, China is like several countries disguised as one, each with their own unique culture. The small farming villages, Buddhist temples and lush rice terraces of rural China are a stark contrast to the rooftop bars and bustling streets of some of the world’s biggest urban hubs.

Ride a boat down the longest river in Asia, discover the soothing still lakes of Tibet, get up close to giant pandas in protected reserves, explore the skyscraper-lined streets of polished Shanghai and the bicycle-riddled roads of Beijing. Stroll through bustling markets selling everything from traditional crafts to local street food and soak up the sights, smells and sounds of this vibrant culture – a real cacophony for the senses. The mouthwatering dishes mixed with fusion cuisine only adds another layer to China’s rich culture and complex heritage. Refine your chopsticks skills and come and uncover this magical destination laden with legends and myths – an irresistible cocktail of ancient and modern all rolled into one.

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