Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis

A land of cool tropical breeze, sun kissed shores and untouched natural beauty. These two sister islands have two distinct fronts: the larger island of Saint Kitts is characterised by cloud-covered mountain peaks, luxury beach side resorts and fine restaurants, whereas its calmer sibling Nevis boasts a more laid back and unspoilt way of life with its rustic architecture and colonial plantation dwellings.

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Nestled under the dormant Mount Liamuiga volcano on Saint Kitts lies a crater lake, a vast playground for green vervet monkeys and a huge network of lush rainforest hiking trails – a paradise for any hiker or trekker. Across the narrow shallow waters lies Nevis with its granite churches and ageing forts, the telltale sign of a once-strong British colonial dependence.

Dotted with former sugar plantations turned inns or luxury lodges, traditional rustic restaurants and local street vendors, St Kitts and Nevis represents a more traditional Caribbean experience that time forgot.

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