Madagascar Madagascar

World-class beaches, lush tropical rainforests and deep canyons – Madagascar should be top on the list for any nature lover or adventurous traveller. Few and far between are destinations boasting both awe-inspiring landscapes, unrivalled wildlife and rare tropical plants. Some may say the island of Madagascar has it all.

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Hugely diverse in its terrain and landscape, one day can see you trekking through dense jungles before heading out to the rugged savanna and taking in views of faraway sand dunes dotted with cacti. It couldn’t be more different than its African neighbours back on the mainland, and as one of the most floristically unique destinations there is plenty to discover here.

Having split off from the mainland some 165 million years ago the island’s ecosystem has evolved independently, making it a captivating destination for any wildlife enthusiast. Home of the iconic ring-tailed lemurs, Madagascar also enjoys colour-changing chameleons, rare butterflies, endemic orchids and welcoming locals as part of its endless list of inhabitants.

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