British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands

Welcome to mother nature’s little secret. Floating in the Caribbean lies a volcanic archipelago made up of over 60 paradise islands. Most of the islands here are uninhabited making the British Virgin Islands the ultimate exclusive destination. Enjoy a picnic on your own private beach or explore untouched protected coves and inlets at your own pace.

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Sail around the archipelago and drop anchor at any one of the 4 main islands to discover their distinctive character – from natural granite pillars to incredible beaches and rainforest Natural Parks.

The gentle ocean winds make this cluster of islands a world-class destination for sailing and kitesurfing, and below the waves lie shipwrecks and a kaleidoscope of marine life. If you’d rather stick to the top of the water, there are plenty of opportunities to kayak along the islands’ reef and coral-lined shores to explore nearby coves and pockets of secluded bays.

Walk – and sail – in the tracks of the pirates and buccaneers who once ruled these lands, and understand why they too were so mesmerised by this natural paradise.

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