French Polynesia French Polynesia

Deep blue lagoons, volcanic landscapes, coconuts and tropical grass skirts – this is French Polynesia. A trip here is like going back to nature.

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With over 100 islands spread over an archipelago the size of Europe, French Polynesia is a sultry green fertile land characterised by jagged peaks, towering waterfalls and white and black sandy beaches lined with palms swaying in the warm ocean breeze. Home to some of the world’s most luxurious resorts, French Polynesia will see you sipping coconut water in your very own over-water sea cabin, high on stilts above a clear blue lagoon and looking down over an array of exotic marine life. It comes as no surprise that snorkelling and diving here are second to none and the colourful corals act as a playground for bright tropical shoals of fish, dolphins and sea turtles. Step into clear water as warm as a bath, a coconut in hand and a delicate white Tiare flower behind one ear.

Each island here is unique and has its very own character – the relaxed paradise of Bora Bora is a stark difference to jungle-riddled Tahiti for example – but each boasts charming island villages and a rich culture founded on Southeast Asian and French heritage. Discover a kaleidoscope of blue shades, fuchsia hibiscus flowers and pure white beaches basking in the warm rays of the South Pacific – where life is simple and dreamy.

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