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Cambodia is a country of picture-perfect beaches, unrivalled wildlife and welcoming residents. A place where ancient culture meets the modern world and where low-lying plains, stunning coastlines and ancient palaces are the very make-up of a powerful empire.

Step into a land of a charming and majestic kingdom dotted with natural treasures and ancient temples engulfed by lush jungle boasting endangered species and high waterfalls.

This is land where the past and the present come together in a breath-taking crescendo of tradition and culture, leading to some of the world’s most stunning temples, untouched coastlines and despite a sombre past, some of the planet’s warmest people.


Pure Cambodia

Away from the bustle of city life and the commerciality of modern tourism, this pure break tour of Cambodia is a one of a kind essential ...
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/ person
14 days

Journey through Cambodia and Laos

For an authentic and enriching exploration of the magnificent region of South East Asia, visit two of the most endearing and overlooked countries in this continent, ...
/ person
21 days

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Discover Cambodia

Experience the Kingdom of Wonder – Cambodia!  A place where ancient culture meets the modern world and radiant natural beauty, ...

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The country’s capital, Phnom Penh, on the other hand is a bustling and vibrant metropolis boasting a cosmopolitan feel, french colonial architecture and a lively nightlife. Further afield, sleepy coastal fishing villages lined with family run restaurants and cafes serving the freshest catch of the day. If Cambodia could be summed up by one word, that word would be captivating – it draws you in and leaves you aching for more.

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