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Despite or perhaps because of an unstable and unsettled past, Nicaragua’s cultural heritage remains enriched and unique. It is ultimately this turmoil that has led to a sense of untouched beauty, an escape from the usual crowds found around tourist hotspots.

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Nicaragua boasts some of the best beaches on the continent, as well as remote off-shore islands, refreshingly free of man-made structure – enjoy them just as mother nature intended. As far as cities go, the one to look out for is Granada – a real feast for the eyes with its Spanish colonial architecture, its elegant streets and well maintained courtyards and cathedrals.

The country is also a paradise for the more adventurous traveller. Trek through dense and undiscovered rainforest to experience the wildlife within, and uncover remote indigenous settlements, ancient ruins and an unparalleled fauna and flora. Canoe through wetlands teeming with crocs and carnivorous fish, dive into lagoons or surf down the side of an active volcano. Leave the sultry Pacific lowlands behind, and come face to face with Nicaragua’s dramatic terrain of lakes and volcanic land – an adventure galore. Nicaragua is Central America’s great all-rounder.

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