Top 5 Unique Escapes for Mental Wellbeing in Kenya

Wellbeing in Kenya

With the end of the UK’s lockdown just on the horizon, at last we’re able to turn our thoughts towards travelling. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone and we’ve been restricted in where we can and cannot go. We’ve not been able to see our friends and family, make the most of our spare time or go on that road trip we spent months planning. But now that these doors are opening up again, what better time to make the most of taking a well-earned break after such a stressful and mentally demanding period.

A silver lining of the pandemic, however, was that it made many of us aware of the positive impacts that a decrease in travel had on the environment. Our eyes have been opened to new possibilities regarding travel, better alternatives. Now, more than ever, is the chance to alter our outlook on travel – to not only be mindful of where we travel, but of how we travel. With Pure Breaks, you can explore an incredible selection of travel destinations that have specifically been tailored to practice and promote eco-friendly and ethical tourism.

“Kenya is filled to the brim with amazing safari camps, lodges and hotels but here are 5 locations that are guaranteed to benefit your mental wellbeing and leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated! ”

Snow Knighton - Author

Kitich Camp

Unlike many of the safari camps in Kenya, Kitich Camp isn’t out on the golden savannah plains. Instead, it sits on the slopes of the Matthews Mountain Range, surrounded by ancient green forests, crystalline rivers and earthen trails carved by the steps of elephants. This little corner of sheltered wilderness is the ideal place to disconnect from the rest of the world and all your worries, where you can live in the moment and bask in the near ethereal beauty of your surroundings. There are practically no traces of modernity to disturb you while you recuperate here – no cars, no crowds, no clamour.

As expected the activities at Kitich are nature-based with over 20 walking trails to choose from and a natural spring-fed pool to take a dip. Exercise is a well-known aid to improving mental health, especially when you can combine it with gorgeous scenery, birdwatching and unobscured animal spotting.

Kenya - Matthews Range - 12890 - Kitich Forest Camp
Kitich Forest Camp

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

Ol Pejeta is a more traditional safari camp based in a wildlife conservancy, which is home to the last two Northern White Rhinos in the world. There are loads of fun activities to take part in, making it a great option for those who destress by focusing their energy on something new and for those who have children to bring along too! There’s horse riding, safari-style fitness classes, an endangered animal enclosure, games of hide and seek with the dogs that help fight poaching, a Junior Rangers program for kids and more!

Ol Pejeta is one of those places where you can spend every hour getting stuck in with something new and exciting, which, for some, is the best way to help their mental wellbeing. But, it still has everything you need if you need to take a break and relax in peace and quiet.

Elewana Elsa’s Kopje Meru

Elsa’s is a place of history, memory, romance and tranquillity. The pasts of the lodge and the conservancy are deeply entwined in a heartwarming story that’s rare to encounter. That feeling of immersion, of getting lost in the heart-warming stories of a faraway land is sometimes just what’s needed to free you from your stresses.

This remote lodge in the Meru National Park flawlessly combines luxury and safari so you can get the very best of both. Everyone mentally recharges a little differently and with the great range of things to do there’ll be something for everyone, whether it’s wildlife viewing on game drives, guided nature walks or reclining in secluded spots with sundowner drinks.

Mara Bushtops

Normally when you’re on safari you go to the animals. At Mara Bushtops, the animals come to you. Day and night, they can’t get enough of the refreshing watering hole and salt-lick that’s right on the camp’s doorstep. There’s no better guarantee of top-quality animal sightings and it also means that if you’re not quite up to big game drives you most certainly won’t be missing out!

Mara Bushtops also hosts an award-winning spa village and for some of us, there’s nothing better than a bit of top quality pampering to soothe our stress away. The camp is right in its own private conservancy so you’ll never be running into any large crowds, another reason why it’s the ideal choice for those looking for a more laidback and easy-going safari.

Serian’s Nkorombo

Sometimes you need to fully, 100% disconnect, to truly reap the benefits of restorative mental wellbeing. Serian’s Nkorombo offers just that – a rustic hideaway by the river, a simpler safari experience that’s tailored just to you, and no WIFI so you’ll be completely off the grid. There won’t be that urge to be checking your social media or your emails, so you can focus your mind on what’s going on in the here and now.

In the modern world, we’re hardly ever spared from the endless inflow of news and updates and all that digital noise. We’re so used to it, so it’s easy to forget that we need to unplug ourselves from time to time and recharge. There’s no better time to get back to basics, make your wellbeing the top priority, and immerse yourself in nature. All that matters is you and the moment.

Kenya - Masai Mara National Reserve - 12890 - Serian's Nkorombo wellbeing
Serian's Nkorombo

“I believe mental wellbeing should always be a priority and have seen more people realise how important it is during the pandemic. Since we’ve spent so long being restricted in where we could and couldn’t go, the opportunity to go travelling to another country is going to be more therapeutic than it has in a long time!”

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