Unique escapes In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an undeniable biodiversity hotspot rich with colour and culture, with ecotourism becoming an ever-growing sector of the country’s tourism industry working to showcase it all. While the rise in global interest in ecotourism runs parallel to the increase in the threat of climate change, it also shows people’s willingness to change their habits to help the earth.

Ecotourism provides a shining light for the future of tourism, as well as an avenue through which people all over the world can help communities that have long been isolated, impoverished and downtrodden. As you can see, Sri Lanka provides the perfect landscape for so many different types of ecotourism, from its mountaintops to its coral reefs. In return, ecotourism provides Sri Lanka with much needed hope and a helping hand in the fight to save each and every one of them, as well as the opportunity for you to play your part – interested?

Watch our video highlighting unique escapes in the rich and diverse country that is Sri Lanka!

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