What makes Pure Breaks unique?

Here at Pure Breaks, we are seasoned worldwide travellers, providing excellent customer care and travel expertise on venturing abroad. Going on holiday is certainly about leisure and pleasure, but Pure Breaks brings the added dimension of travel integrity.

We specialise in bespoke accommodation and tours which embrace new cultures, spectacular landscapes, and wildlife. Our “Pure” escapes encapsulate how we have distilled tours to fully meet the aspirations of clientele. Pure Breaks ethical approach enables you to explore responsibly,  enjoying all that a unique and sustainable travel experience has to offer.

Pure Breaks’ essence provides a new vision of clarity in the travel industry. Through diligent evaluation of in-country operators and authentic accommodation, we assess their ecological stance and sustainable practices, to ensure we are protecting communities and the environment.

Our ‘Unique Escapes’ include some of the worlds most luxurious accommodation, in amazingly remote locations. Encouraging new cultural experiences, we facilitate interaction with local communities; we believe that learning about their heritage increases the enriching power a trip can have, leaving you with a treasured and lasting connection with the destination visited. By caring for local communities and the environment through sustainable tourism, we can care for people, our planet and all living things!

Unique Pure Breaks - Our Definition

Our definition of what makes a Pure Breaks’ ‘Unique Escape’ can be seen below in the following assessment criteria:

Sustainable Initiatives

The tourism industry is responding to ever-growing concerns about the environment and sustainable operations, led by the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To qualify as a ‘Unique Escape’, an in-country operator or accommodation must make use of natural resources sustainably, ensuring that this activity does not have a detrimental impact on the surrounding environment. For example, building deckings and furniture from natural rock and fallen deadwood found on location, trying not to negatively disturb the lay of the land.

Eco-Friendly Practises

Protecting the environment has become a critical issue for the entire globe. We have focused on initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint, helping natural environments thrive through proactive conservation, preserving wildlife through the creation of protected areas. A very common eco-friendly practice is the implementation of solar and water management systems.

Culturally Rich Experiences

When done well, connecting tourists with the way of life of different cultures provides a mutually enriching experience. Going on safari on the plains of the Serengeti is a memorable experience, but meeting a Massai community who retain the nomadic lifestyle of their ancestors, living side by side with the ‘Big 5′, provides unrivalled insight into their customs and traditions. These culturally rich experiences benefit both the traveller and the local community.

Tourism Income Retention

By partnering with local operators and suppliers, we can ensure that income generated from tourists’ visits, activities and experiences stays in the destination and filters into the local communities, instead of exiting the country. Tourism alone can’t end poverty, however, it can take valuable steps to help make a difference. In many developing countries it’s very difficult for communities to retain tourism income because powerful international resort groups are solely driven by profitability for foreign shareholders. Pure Breaks are trying to counter this issue by elevating locally-owned tourism accommodations.

Ethical Practices Past & Present

“Give with one hand but take with the other” is a well-used idiom to describe the inequalities of exchange and exploitation worldwide. It is a statement which sums up our research about unethical practices.

Pure Breaks have conducted examinations of the work of accommodation owners and shareholders both past and present. The stance we have created here is that we do not partner with organisations that have unethical origins. For example, the exploitation of natural resources, mining, investments in unsustainable developments or hunting of now endangered wildlife! If we find that the business has ties to unsustainable, harmful practices such as these we cut ties, and hope that in doing so they see how the tide is turning in the tourism industry.

“The journey is as important as the destination. The environmental impact of our presence abroad is as important as the well being and financial security of local communities. A sustainable future is as important as the empowerment of developing countries. Pure Breaks treads lightly, with purposeful care and integrity, creating a positive travel legacy.”

Darren Taylor - Chief Operations Officer
Darren Taylor - Chief Operations Officer

Pure Breaks Unique Escape Ethos

Extensive and detailed analysis by the team at Pure Breaks enables the business to act responsibly towards the growing trend of “we need to act now” before it’s too late for the planet to make a comeback. We want to elevate tourism to a new realm by using unique accommodation, trips and experiences that truly enrich the destination.

Our assessment criteria will continue to evolve as more and more ethical practices and sustainable initiatives come to the fore. Through continuous research from our team and communications with suppliers and operators, we plan on staying up to date with the most recent trends to make the world a better place to explore.

Pure Breaks is under the umbrella of Working Travel Group (WTG). The company has over 20 years of experience in the Travel Industry, working with valued and respected sustainable operators worldwide. We have an integrated registered charity that currently operates in 5 countries, facilitating community development, health and well-being projects, providing much-needed aid and assistance.

It’s not when you’re ready to travel, it’s when the world is ready for travel to begin. Pure Breaks are ideally positioned to cater for every traveller’s dream get away, and we look forward to what the future brings.

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