Unique Experiences In Botswana

It’s no myth that Southern Africa, with its diverse array of natural geography and varied landscapes, is home to some of the most enriching sights and experiences to be found anywhere on Earth. With an abundance of game reserves, some spanning the size of entire European countries, wildlife sightings are frequent, and the ways to enjoy them are numerous. So, if you’re travelling to Botswana, here are some activities you don’t want to miss.

“Yet, few countries compare to the character, diversity and natural beauty of Botswana, with the arid Kalahari landscapes of the south giving way to the fertile and animated wetlands of the Okavango in the north”


Chobe River Sunset Cruise

Botswana - Chobe River Front - 1553 - River View Lodge

The Chobe River is situated on the northern border of Botswana, spanning over 700km of undisturbed, natural scenery. Revered as one of the most beautiful rivers in all Botswana, this year-round wildlife viewing haven allows for a unique and often lavish cruise excursion unlike any other in the world. Unlike most river cruises, there are no ports or populated urban areas along the banks of the Chobe, allowing for untouched wild vistas throughout your 2 to 4-day excursion, with the chance to partake in nature walks, game viewing, birdwatching and fishing activities.

The majestic, deep orange Savannah sunset marks the optimum time for sundowners, then shortly thereafter, unpolluted night skies allow for pristine stargazing. Ships only sail during daylight hours, allowing you to relax in the evening and soak up the atmosphere. Trips are usually concluded with a visit to Chobe National Park, allowing for a greater variety of conventional safari activities before your adventure draws to a close. A must-visit destination for all those in search of a streamlined wildlife adventure.

Makgadikgadi Salt Pan Excursion

Botswana - Makgadikgadi Salt Pans - 1553 - San Camp

“It’s one of the largest salt pans in the world, covering an approximate area of 16,000km2 and truly a sight to behold”


The Makgadikgadi Salt Pans lie within the middle of the dry Savannah in Northeastern Botswana. This majestic landscape fluctuates between arid and desolate during the dry winter season, comprising dusty, parched and abandoned plains. However, the wet summer quenches the plains of their prolonged thirst, hydrating the soil and ushering in fertility, transforming the landscape into grass-covered wetlands that thrive with animal activity, including flamingos that dot the horizon of the Sowa Pan.

The landscape presents some of the most extreme fluctuations in climate, vegetation and wildlife in all Botswana. This ecologically peculiar spectacle is an amazing sight to behold, ideally worth visiting twice – once in the arid winter, then return for the fertile summer.

Helicopter Safari to Tslido Hills

An estimated 4,500 rock paintings dating back as far as 24,000 years is difficult to comprehend, with signs of human life dating back a colossal 100,000 years. Tslido Hills was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, and it’s not hard to see why.”


Tslido Hills is arguably the most culturally enriched, historically significant landmark in all Southern Africa. Numerous sustainable travel operators incorporate this remarkable location into their itinerary. For instance, Bushman Plains Camp, a sustainable operator run completely by the descendants of indigenous San Bushman offer a helicopter safari up to Tslido Hills for a full day excursion.

The sensation of flying high above the Okavango will fill you with awe, watching herds of mammals pass beneath you is a sight to behold, so too are the elevated views of the expansive Delta landscape. Upon arrival, your experienced guide will lead you in a small group to get an up-close and personal view of the ancient rock paintings before stopping for a bite, letting you soak in the atmosphere of the surreal yet fascinating sight before you. A historically enlightening experience that sheds light on remnants of the ancient world.

Mokoro Excursion Through the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta spans over 15,000km2, situated in Northern Botswana, its channels are the life breathing arteries that sustain whole ecosystems and wildlife populations within the region. With ecotourism on the rise, the Okavango has seen an increased number of sustainable travel operators set up shop along the banks of the Delta, each offering a range of staple safari activities that make use of the surrounding environment. Such operators include: AndBeyond, Wilderness Safaris, Natural Selection and many more!

One such activity synonymous with the Delta is the mokoro safari – a tranquil and insightful marine excursion that sees you quietly drifting through labyrinths of papyrus fringed riverbanks in an authentic African dug-out canoe. Unlike conventional rowboats, mokoros are polled, allowing for a smoother, quieter and overall, more atmospheric venture, due to the river’s shallow depths. Mokoro safaris take place in the early morning hours, when the Okavango stews from its slumber and the native birds, comprising over 450 exotic species, begin to sing. 

Botswana - Okavango Delta - 1553 - Abu Camp canoe
Mokoro Excursion from Abu Camp

Game Drive Through Khama Rhino Sanctuary

Khama Rhino Sanctuary spans over 8500-hectares of Kalahari Sandveld in Southern Botswana. This community-based wildlife project was established in 1992, with the purpose of combating the prospect of ever-dwindling rhino populations.”


It has since sheltered numerous wildlife species, including the endangered black rhino, in addition to other staple safari creatures. This classical safari excursion will appeal to all travellers in search of an authentic, grass-roots game viewing safari adventure. Upon arrival at Khama Rhino Sanctuary, you will embark in small groups with experienced rangers in 4×4 safari vehicles. Various travel providers operate within the sanctuary, allowing flexibility in finding accommodation that best suits your needs. Rhino tracking excursions are offered only in the early morning hours, allowing you to catch them at the most opportune time.

In summary, it’s difficult to pinpoint the essence of Botswana, with the above nominations merely scratching the surface of a much bigger, grander picture that may only be fully appreciated when all elements are brought to light. Simply put, Botswana is full of surprises. With its sprawling array of diverse landscapes and complex ecology, there’s certainly more than meets the eye. Come and see for yourself!

“Southern Africa is the home to many majestic, larger than life attractions. This holds especially true for Botswana. Few other places compare to the diversity and natural wonder of this pristine landscape. Once you have a taste, it’s a matter of when, not if, you come back for seconds”

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