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When you think of travel writers or authors in the field of travel, the mind instantly goes to the idea of inspiration for your next adventure, whether that be further afield or just down the road from you. We at Pure Breaks agree however, the topic of travel and all its facets have interwoven and underlining hard hitting topics which need addressing through bringing the topics into the public domain. Here we highlight our authors, their journey to where they are now and the articles they’ve written to showcase young talent, hard hitting topics and inspirational writing to stimulate that inner traveller in every reader.


A group of young writers, the Pure Breaks Creative Copywriting team have explored powerful, important issues ranging across many subjects, from industry greenwashing to Caribbean indigenous history. Given relative free reign, the team have critically approached emotive and poignant topics, all with the aim of promoting responsible travel. Their work engages with areas of tourism that lack needed discussion, like community-focused ecotourism or plastic pollution, in the hopes that readers engage with the issues and support Pure Breaks in its goal of sustainable, unique tourism.

Creative Writing Team

Elinor Eaglestone

Creative Writing Executive

Benjamin Hobson

Creative Writing Executive

Olivia De Quincey

Creative Writing Executive - Team Leader

Jodi Johnson

Creative Writing Executive

Janita Purcell

Creative Writing Executive

Emily Marooth

Reservations Executive

The Product and Content team are a group of enthusiastic, passionate and eloquent writers with a collective desire to help protect the environment and to create a sustainable future for the planet. Together they have written a wide and diverse range of topics, with understanding, contemporary commentaries on the world, and personal touches throughout their articles. All enjoy researching unique destinations, locations and accommodations around the world. From this research, current and powerful written text has been produced from diving into historical records, sustainable and eco-friendly practices and using their platform at Pure Breaks to champion travelling responsibly.


Research & Content Team

Daniel Armstrong

Research Content & Reservations Executive

Ceire Warren

Research & Content Executive

Gaby Russell

Research & Content Executive - Team Leader

Jonathan Gathercole

Research & Content Executive

Snow Knighton

Research & Content Executive

Pure Breaks endeavour to showcase young talent and this extends to bringing on Interns and Graduates from universities such as; York St John, Sheffield Hallam and Hull. Ranging from positions in Product & Content to Creative writing, we give all the platform to truly shine by giving them valuable and meaningful experience in a field of their choosing.

Interns/Graduate Placements

Callum Dixon

Creative Writing Intern

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