Retreat to Relaxation in the Caribbean

When searching for your dream destination and break away, is wellness something that is at the top of your list? True relaxation? World class pampering? In this article I’ll be taking you on a trip around the Caribbean as I highlight some of the best places for wellness, serenity, and natural, sustainable spas. As you read on, you’ll experience snippets of what could be at some of the magnificent Caribbean retreats out there; guaranteed to spoil you with total relaxation, offering you the best of their tropical ambience and majestic views.

Kamalame Cay

True relaxation awaits at Kamalame Cay, an isolated island paradise that features the only overwater spa in The Bahamas. Kamalame Cay is a family established and run resort that combines barefoot luxury and laid back charm with unspoiled tropical grandeur and ultimate privacy.

Not only does Kamalame Cay exude wellness and relaxation, but the resort also makes a conscious effort to be sustainable too. The Overwater Spa in the Bahamas offers a unique wellness experience, combining island indulgence with organic luxury. ‘The island is utterly secluded and offers an unplugged experience that turns the focus to the beauty of the natural environment.’

The spa is centred on custom treatments paired with the finest marine-based ingredients. The certified organic OSEA products used are rich in bioavailable seaweed, infused with essential oils, and free of synthetic parabens and sulphates. Guests can enjoy an array of holistic beauty and body therapies including facials, massage, exfoliation, and wraps. The sound of the waves and sweeping ocean views the Overwater Spa boasts will connect you with the natural environment and harness an all-encompassing feeling of relaxation.

‘OSEA are passionate about using plant-based ingredients, thoughtfully sourced to ensure quality and ethical treatment of those involved in the harvesting process.’ Ensuring they support local economies and small business, OSEA work with community and family-operated collectives wherever possible. OSEA is also now officially Climate Neutral Certified, having measured, offset, and reduced 100% of their carbon footprint.

The Island House

‘The Island House stands out among Bahamian resorts, having been designed with both visitors and the local community in mind, and as a symbiotic extension of the surrounding environment.’ 

The Bahamian boutique presents a tranquil, comforting wellness retreat that offers a wide variety of individually-crafted treatments, all based on Bamford’s trademark holistic approach to utilising and rejuvenating the power of nature. The Bamford Body Collection is an English brand renowned for its commitment to nature, purity, and authentic luxury. Used throughout The Island House, the products form the basis of the range of organic beauty, massage and therapeutic treatments offered at the spa.

Bamford’s Philosophy

Bamford’s philosophy rejects the throwaway culture of modern living; instead, they opt to respect nature’s resources and make certain that this attitude will live on for the generations to follow. They achieve this notion by tracing their footsteps from the environmental impact of the ingredients, fibres, dyes and the water they use, right through to their social responsibility.

‘Our products are beautifully considered, rich in meaning and quality, with a story we can be proud of.’

Small Hope Bay Lodge

Serene, scenic, and secluded. An island retreat aligned with nature, Small Hope Bay Lodge is a historic, intimate, and eco-friendly resort situated on Andros Island, where guests are presenting guests with the opportunity to relax in an unspoiled eco-paradise. The lodge is an all-inclusive, family-friendly resort featuring 18 beachfront cabins, 2 private beaches and blissful hammocks overlooking the turquoise sea.

‘Small Hope Bay Lodge offers the utmost in rest, relaxation, and rediscovery.’

Small Hope Bay Lodge believes wellness and connecting to nature go hand in hand. This is why in the search for health and well-being they provide plenty in the search for wellness, however, without assistance from a dedicated spa and wellness facility. Their adventures focus on nature and the connection between nature and ‘us’. Small Hope Bay’s ‘Nature & Chill’ activities include several tours in which guests can enjoy the bounties of the delicate ecosystem surrounding them, exploring the island’s famous Blue Holes National Park, Barrier Reef outings, and the list goes on.

Caribbean - Bahamas - Andros - Small Hope Bay Lodge
Small Hope Bay Lodge

Excellence El Carmen Resort

The all-inclusive, adult-only resort allows guests to embrace a decadent sanctuary found within the world-class Miilé Spa. Every corner of the resort is brimming with romance, warmth and relaxation, with a truly luxurious experience in the tropical Caribbean atmosphere.

Sublime relaxation is what guests will encounter at the Miilé Spa as you embrace the decadent sanctuary found within the world-class spa. Miilé Spa in Excellence Punta Cana specialises in all-natural treatments inspired by local traditions, with warm and spectacular service, skilled therapists, signature techniques, and an overall sensation of rejuvenation and renewal.

This wellness space provides you with soothing spa experiences combined with indigenous healing ingredients and rituals for a rejuvenating escape that exudes serenity. Miilé Spa strives for true wellbeing through their team of experts, spa therapies, and hydrotherapy rituals – all so you can experience the relaxation that a place of calm like this can offer.

Rosedon Hotel

Rosedon Hotel is a Bermudian boutique hotel set in lush greenery and botanicals. Rosedon welcomes guests to their own private oasis, where you can relax and stroll through tropical gardens. Rosedon Hotel is passionate about wellness, therefore they’re on hand to help you in your search for mindfulness and relaxation.

Rosedon’s commitment to holistic wellness include several essential oil offerings through their partnership with SleepSwag. The products use therapeutic grade oils to ensure purity, health benefits and efficacy. As you amble through the hotel you’ll find yourself greeted with the comforting scent of the oils as they drift through reception and meet you in your room. There you’ll find the gentle and calming aromas are infused in your welcome towels.

The essential oils are also used for non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning – improving air quality for both guests and the work environment for staff. Being environmentally friendly should be crucial for any business, and for SleepSwag it most definitely is. SleepSwag is committed to being as green as possible through its manufacturing and sourcing practices, though also takes pride in being part of a community and therefore vows to donate a portion of the proceeds to worthy causes.

The hotel uniquely captures the modern wellness movement by evoking a high-quality ambiance with activated crystals. Large crystals adorn each room’s decor to provide positive energy, harness healing, and increase vibrational frequency. Visitors will also find three large Bermuda Limestone rocks containing natural crystals in the front garden, creating a crystal wellness environment inside and out.

Wellness is suggested to transform a person’s body, mind and spirit, and so Rosedon gives guests the option to start their day with a renewed sense of focus and inner peace by partaking in yoga in their sub-tropical gardens.

Belle Mont Farm

Escape to St Kitts in the West Indies, home to the sustainable, boutique hotel, Belle Mont Farm – this notable retreat is set in 400 acres of organic tropical farmland. Best described as a dreamscape, you will be surrounded by lush green scenery, rainbows that dance over the waters, peace, and tranquillity. Belle Mont Farm welcomes guests upon their own journey of personal exploration. Allowing you to constantly encounter new opportunities and to take advantage of the healthy lifestyle activities designed to energise your body. This unique opportunity allows you to restore your spirit, and stimulate your mind; here, true self-exploration can be awakened.

In Belle Mont Farms own wellness centre, guests can choose from indigenous-inspired therapies and wild harvested, all organic “wet” treatments, offered in the privacy of your own cottage or villa. These treatments will enable you to experience genuine relaxation surrounded by nature. Belle Mont Farm are also more than pleased to share their secrets and concepts behind their natural products with you – guests can even be shown how to make their own organic body scrubs.

Visiting this pure and majestic island alone will leave you feeling restored mentally, physically and spiritually. Belle Mont Farm is the perfect host for encouraging a sense of wellbeing that only nature and contentment can achieve.

"Allow yourself to feel balanced, at peace and grounded; creating a stronger sense of self-awareness and wellness."

Wellness falls under many categories and is always a personal journey. Personally, I tend to find that achieving my ideal wellbeing is to evaluate my surroundings and to focus on the subjects that truly matter to me. Nature offers perspective, a path to inner peace and a means to disconnect from the artificial and reconnect with nature and people. All of the above Caribbean retreats offer you the chance to unwind, rejuvenate and bask in unmatched environments; each place has its own take on relaxation and wellness but all are passionate towards the same outcome. So, have you found your ideal relaxation haven?

“Given the opportunity I would revel in visiting one of these properties to experience the serenity that each of them have to offer. Combining both nature and wellness is something in which all of the aforementioned Caribbean retreats achieve, and to a compelling and thoughtful standard. With many ways to find your idea of wellness, I hope this article can encourage your journey and aid you to consider the Caribbean on your search for simply that.”

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