Discover culture In the Caribbean

The chain of islands that make up the Caribbean are home to a plethora of histories, cultures, and traditions. From island to island dialects differ, recipes change, and scenery transforms before your eyes. For hundreds of years the region’s varying cultures have been evolving – no doubt influenced by the tropical lifestyle and climate, the product being a huge array of art, music, cuisine and customs, all of which you can explore and imbibe.

The connection between food and culture is an incredibly important one, linking communities and people for centuries. Across the world, coming together to enjoy food is a huge part of social life, and places like Antigua and Barbuda are no different. The Caribbean is well known for its array of spices, seafood and meats that combine to make world-famous dishes. When we think of Caribbean cuisine we imagine fresh ingredients mixed with spices as well as local meats and fish. Learn about all the Caribbean has to offer with its rich and diverse culture in this video!

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