Responsible travel in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is famous for its colonial origins, its legendary days of piracy and all the sandy beaches that people come to the Caribbean for. However, existing amongst all of this for the last few centuries, and far longer before that, is an ecosystem rich in biodiversity. Thousands of endemic species live on the islands and in the seas of the Caribbean, but like so many other places, this vast expanse of life is under threat.

There are things you can do when booking your holiday to ensure that your impact on the environment is minimal, or even positive. In addition to the Lionfish Spearfishing mentioned earlier on, you can stay at a dedicated eco-friendly location, such as the ECO Lifestyle and Lodge in Barbados, a Green Globe Certified accommodation which specialises in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. This would ensure that your time at the hotel, at least, is as environmentally friendly as possible. Additionally, you could consider your transport methods: why hire a car if public transport already exists? Choosing not to go Scuba Diving or Snorkelling during your stay will also aid the coral reefs. Watch our video highlighting responsible initiatives in place to combat environmental crises.

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